Thesis: Casemix Management and Business Intelligence

Casemix management systems en Hospital Business Intelligence in Europe.

Hospital care is being reimbursed in different ways in Europe. Each country makes different choices with regards to reimbursement issues. This is the case since Maastricht 1991. Nevertheless, despite of the different payment systems and registrations, each hospital in each country:

  • makes business cases
  • does patient costing
  • registrates intermediate products
  • classifies patients in patient groups
  • registrates diagnoses.

The research question is what the similarities are in the casemix management and business intelligence data in a selected number of European countries.

Secondly, it is important to learn how this BI data is being applied in the business control function of the hospitals. Which management issues within the different coutries require the use of BI and BI systems? To which extend is the business control function developed, compared to what you might expect from literature?


Q-Consult Zorg will provide a large international network of casemix experts and hospital researchers, who can be contacted for information and on-site visits.

Confidentiality: No
Period of execution: January 2017 – June 2017
Application deadline: 1 dec 2016


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